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Party Wall Costs


If you are building:

Normally the Building Owner (the owner building the new works) will pay the party wall surveyors’ fees representing both sides.

Elden Croy Architect offer competitive fixed fee quotations for full party wall services representing the Building Owner based upon:

  • the size and complexity of the property and intended project.
  • if the project involves deep excavations, basement construction and/or complicated ground.

Fixed fee quotations require:

  • that the Building Owner discloses all relevant information related to intended works.
  • that the designers of the relevant works develop their information to standards required for the full construction of the works.
  • that extra fees be due, if damage is occasioned to neighbouring property.

We will also offer fixed fee quotations for separate party wall services such as:

  • giving notice under the Party Wall Act.
  • taking schedules of condition.
  • confirming a dispute and agreeing a party wall award.

Elden Croy Architect can also offer competitive hourly rates for party wall services representing the Building Owner, if this is preferred.

Typically, a party wall award representing the building owner will cost from between £800 for each surveyor involved (or £1,600 total for 2 surveyors involved) up to £1,800 for each surveyor involved (£3,600 total) for complex works like basement construction. Usually 2 awards are required for most works to terraced properties.


If your neighbour is building:

The party wall surveyors’ fees are normally paid for by the owner doing the building at an hourly rate as is standard within the industry. In rare occasions the repair of party structure may be required and some fees shared, but this is less common.  


Other Party Wall Related Costs (not exclusive)

  • if damage is done to a neighbouring property, then there will be extra costs in surveying and managing the damage and putting this right. It is common for compensation to be paid in lieu of making good damage to neighbouring property.
  • if repair or maintenance works are required to any jointly owned structure.
  • if building movement monitoring is required, this will require considerable extra professional time to verify and check data as the monitoring continues.
  • if a Building Owner extends a party wall and pays for that construction, then normally the Adjoining Owner will pay for half the construction of the extended wall only at the time in the future when he/she builds a similar extension and starts to use the extended party wall.

Elden Croy Architect offers free email enquiries and free 20 minute phone consultations about your party wall and related building issues. Please contact to discuss.  


tel: 02078370040
mob: 07711845320
e-mail: eca@eldencroyarchitect.co.uk